Packing by cartons is a good method to store and transport goods. Currently, there are so many type of cartons making you difficult to realize which is the best qualitative one. And the following recommendations will help you choose the most suitable and effective carton types.


Careful selection of cartons

For storing and transporting goods, cartons are the optimal choice for users. For each type of different goods, we need the carton types with suitable size and bearing capacity for protection.

In the current market, cartons, paper boxes are produced from many different materials such as wood, wood chips, bagasse, recycled paper, straw … They are associated with the chemicals needed to prevent mice, termites, cockroaches … from biting, chewing.

Currently, the types of carton imported from foreign countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand etc are preferred by high quality and beauty forms. However, many Vietnamese enterprises have imported machinery, technology from the advanced countries and produced products equivalent to the imported products, even having much better quality and cheaper price up to 30%.

In order to purchase good cartons, you must note to select from the experienced and prestige suppliers. Products must be designed completely from the stage print, production of label, brand, package, paper boxes, cartons etc.

Besides, cartons must be produced through a system of closed lines, best paper materials to meet the requirements on goods storage. Especially, you should contact to receive the best advice from the producers on selection of products.

This is the wisest way to ensure that you order the qualitative cartons with full brand and highly professional nature.




Selection by use purposes

Cartons consists of two parts: lining and intermediate layers. Normally, lining layer lies outside for bearing, shear, waterproof etc. The intermediate layer is the carton paper in wavy form, reducing the impact.

Cartons are usually used to store the electronic goods, clothes, textiles, food, frozen goods etc. Therefore, carton paper must be close, safe, kept cool and moisture-resistant, waterproof. On delivery of internal and exterior furniture, fragile items, it should use cartons with large bearing and impact resistance.

Cartons are also used for packing the relative heavy goods, machinery and technical equipment etc. The use of such cartons must take into account the papers with 3, 5 or 7 layers to protect products, ensure the safest transport.

Many types of carton paper may be resistant to other harmful agents. On use as construction materials, carton paper must have adhesive foam between the layers for heat-resistance and noise protection.

To actively select types of good paper, carton, you should pre-study the basic technical specifications. In such case, you should find the professional producers for more information.

4 notes on selection of carton papers

  • Firstly, in the packing and transport, the papers for surface layer and bottom layer are very important. Your enterprises must select suitable quality, color of paper surface to highlight the type of goods, brand of enterprises. Whether you select foreign or domestic papers, is a good partner signal to assess how solemnly you put the mutual relationship.
  • Secondly, the packing also has a partial impact on gross weight of goods. You should notify and pre-set the quantity of paper layers for producers’ easy to produce and obtaining parameters minis package on a quick, light manner.


  • Thirdly, depending on each type of goods ordered by the enterprises, the specification of length, width, height shall be designed accordingly. The pre-calculation or notice for getting advice on selection of types of cartons, E-shaped cartons, cartons wit
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