Form design with graphic software and laser polymeser print engraving machine


The design staff of Nam Long Paper-Package Company is always available to support customers to create new carton forms or re-create the available forms, using graphic software (CAD). You may select colors for the carton forms from our standard colors to increase the beauty of your carton products. MASSAGE

After you are completely satisfied with the design form on the computer, we will creat polymer print by automatic laser engraving machine, programmed by computer for the most accurate and best qualitative printouts.


For customers having domestic transport needs of bulk cartons or export to foreign countries, we may support you to design carton specifications to meet the packaging requirements as well as take maximal advantage of surface of each pallet. Our staff shall select the most effective way to arrange the cartons on each pallet and notify customers of maximal quantity of cartons to be possibly arranged in each truck or container.

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