What is lunisolar carton?

Lunisolar carton is one of the carton types mainly used in the furniture processing industry. Because the furniture products usually have large size and weight, beauty form, it is very difficult to put in the normal cartons. Such carton is suitable to store products with large area, but small height such as mirror, table surface, large cabinet doors etc.



Notes during production of lunisolar carton?

The lunisolar carton has 2 upper and lower cover parts, the lower cover is called negative part and the upper called positive part (figure). The positive part covering the outside of negative part is also called as cover.

In the production technology, lunisolar cartons undergo same phases rolling, cutting, printing as other different cartons. But the most importance is that the positive part cutting must differ from cutting position of negative carton. Otherwise, it will cause difficult packing, affect the beauty. Actually, some carton production workshops have not noted such detail. It may be due to unskilled workers, causing many difficulties during the packaging of customers.

In some cases, when the size, width of the cartons is larger than wavy machine size, the producers will discuss with customers on carton connecting solutions, while ensuring technical, art requirements. The connecting position, connecting method and glue used in connecting are necessary concerns to be discussed with the professional producers.


Formula to calculate area of lunisolar carton as follows:

S bottom = (D+C*2+30)*(R+C*2+30)/1.000.000

S cover = [((D+10)+(C+10)*2+30)*((R+10)+(C+10)*2+30)]/1.000.000

S carton =  S bottom + S cover

Of which:

D  –  Carton length

R –  Carton width

C–  Carton height

30mm – Qi of 2 sides of carton paper to be cut during the carton production. If you want to understand more about the carton packing method, please contact with us for detailed advice.


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