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3-layer-cartons are the types with a sin-shaped wavy layer in the middle and 2 outer sides. The carton is formed 3 paper layers including 2 normal flat layers outside and a middle wavy layer, therefore called as 3-layer-carton.

Structure of 3-layer-cartons is as follows:

– Surface layer: the outermost layer of paper, white, yellow or brown, usually flat paper, pretty smooth.

– Middle layer: paper layer formed from layers of paper waves, grooves, be affixed to the surface layer and the bottom layer acts as a class of carton cushion.

– Bottom layer: can be normal layers of paper or cardboard layer assisting in synergy.

Quality and structure of each type of carton are specifically designed depending on the application, surface covering paper layer may be white, brown or yellow paper.

There are 4 main types of waves forming the grooves, winding rounds of the carton paper, they are name of such 4 types of waves: Wave A, wave B, wave C and wave E

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