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The woman is older than him at first glance. At first glance, it is an old oil. I think she must know that our chairman’s family is very rich, so she will find a child to extort. In this case, she should be sent to the Public Security Bureau. Youyou said that the attitude of this matter is not only unbelief, she inadvertently revealed, almost it is about her own righteous indignation. This makes me not remind her: heart disease does not hinder the wife and children, but may be dangerous, Her excitement only came to an abrupt end. “is it possible?” She is amazed, I don’t know if I am asking, or ask her. Her concern prompted me to ask in a sharp question: “What does this rich family have to do with you?” Youyou immediately squatted, and the look was relaxed. If I haven’t seen Ling Xincheng yesterday, I may not see that the slack is actually a little artificial. “No, it has anything to do with me. He has a hundred children who have the ability to do it. I mean… I mean I didn’t think that he couldn’t see it at all.” 1Z0-100“Can’t see anything?” I continued to ask. “I don’t see him as a playboy.” Seeing her evaluation of Xincheng, I feel that I can’t help but arbitrarily. “Maybe Xincheng is awkward.” I said: “But this kind of lawsuit is not difficult now. Go to the hospital to do a dna check. It’s true and false. ” Youyou said: “So his parents are afraid. The woman said that she would check the dna. So when I came out, they were not noisy, the woman let his parents bring it inside. The woman may just want money. .” It seems that the truth of the matter is clear. I and Youyou are silent for a long while. After half a mile, I think of the opening and ask: “When youe out, let me talk about this?” Youyou woke up from this anecdote. “Ah, I want to tell you that my special mission at Xincheng has endedpletely today.” “Special task?” I thought about it: “Oh, that secret account book, have you got it?” 1Z0-146“No. Jiang Fan officially transferred from Xinchengpany today and resigned.” “Yes, where did he go?” “It’s also a pharmaceuticalpany, what is a maritime pharmaceuticalpany, and apany that does antibiotics. Now I understand why he has to make that secret account book. He hooked up with the pharmaceuticalpany, and it is said that thepany’s boss still Give him a little share, and ask him to bring the customers of Xincheng. If any customer does not turn to them, they will use this secret account book to threaten others. I think Jiang Fan’s purpose is this, he also gave me today. I had a phone call and said that I wanted to keep in touch with me. I also told me not to let him tell me the secret task that was given to me. He also said that if I couldn’t get the book, the money he paid me would be given to me. 1Z0-051If I got this account book someday, he could pay another sum.” I asked: “Have you promised him?” Youyou said: “I promised, but I will definitely not do it.” “Why? For Ling Xincheng?” “No.” Youyou Yakou denied it, but paused and said: “Even if Lingxincheng is engaged in a woman outside, I think he is much better than Jiang Fan. At least others are good.” “Do you think that a woman is a good character?” “He didn’t engage me any more.” Youyou rushed and said, immediately laughed and said: “I thought this kid is a fake girl, he can go to a woman, indicating that at least a man.” I also laughed, but pointed out in a critical tone: “Your standard is so low. If you don’t engage you, is it good character?” Youyou didn’t answer immediately. She hesitated for a while before hesitated and said, “You don’t know, Ling Xincheng came to me the day before yesterday. Do you know what he is looking for?” I shook my head. Youyou said: “He wants to give me a credit card. He wants my ID card.” “Why should he give you a card, and he said that he didn’t say what you promised?” “Nothing is needed. He said that because of the matter of Director Hou, he would say sorry for Xincheng.” “Oh, then he paid the money for the customers of Xincheng,” I deliberately pointed out the unclean nature of this card, “blocking your mouth and balancing yourself.” I looked at me with great enthusiasm, apparently chewing on this, then she shook her head and denied, she said: “Others are good, he sympathizes with me, pity me, so I don’t want to analyze him.” I smiled and said: “It seems that you have a good impression on him.” See Youyou did not immediately deny, I said: “I remember that you hated the practice of Xinchengpany to use money to clear customs, but Ling Xincheng explained for his father. In a word, you immediately change your position and don’t hate it. Is it because you have a good impression on Ling Xincheng? Or, no matter what you face, as long as you don’t directly hurt you, right and wrong, you never ask again?” “No. I just think that others are good, not to mention that I didn’t want his card.” Youyou still used to deny it first, and then admitted: “This year, 1Z0-821the right and wrong are unclear, everyone is living. Even if you Can you tell me clearly, you can’t manage it too much, there are too many unreasonable things, can you manage toe over? Besides, who will let you manage it!” This is a paradox that can be refuted by simple reason, but I have not simply refute it. When a paradox bes a universal fact, refutation will be a strong word. Youyou didn’t have any emotions, and quickly changed a topic: “Hey brother, I am not looking for you today. I have a few things, I want you to help me out.” She saw me lift her head. Then I went on to say: “Today, Aju wants me to meet a friend and say that it is an old acquaintance of mine. Who do you guess that person?” “who is it?” “It is Li Wenhai.” “Li Wenhai?” “Li Wenhai also came to Beijing. He found Dezi in the nightclub and also said that he must see me.” “Li Wenhai?” I was surprised to meet the eyes of Youyou Consulting, and the eyes were a little hesitant. The name Li Wenhai is in the story of Youyou. In my memory, it seems to be outdated and forgotten. I forgot that I had to use repeated questions to confirm my impression. 1Z0-053“Is that the big brother who wants to protect you?” Chapter Fourteen Youyou really saw Li Wenhai the next day. She believes that this is not a small city like Xiangquan. It is the Beijing city of the first good district; she firmly believes that Beijing is a well-regulated metropolis, and Li Wenhai can’t eat it. Moreover, she is not a good friend of six months ago, she is already an adult who has seen the world. On the third day, I called Yuyou and asked if she really went to see Li Wenhai. Youyou said easily on the phone: “See you. He didn’t dare to take me.” Li Wenhai lives in a restaurant in the south of the city. The hotel also has a bronze medal of two stars. Li Wenhai also looks cleaner than in the past, and he is dressed in a suit. He and Youyou said that he came to Beijing to do business, and the sale of medicines can also be done. I heard that Youyou has done a good job in the pharmaceuticalpany, so I will talk about it.

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